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Originally Posted by cosmos///m3 View Post
So question. You say you are more worried about "trackability" over "streetability". What is it about the e46 & e92 you desire? I can understand the point of view of having something that is practical, but obviously you will have the Explorer for that. Have you ever thought of a Z4M Coupe? I mean honestly. If your concerned about what you can get out of the S54 power wise, you already know where you are with that motor and what you can do. From a suspension standpoint its going to already be superior than the e46 and you can only improve on it with some MCS's. Not that its super great, but you already get the competition brakes which can buy you some time if you want to spend money on other things first. Plus you already have a lighter car without going full retard with is exactly what the wifey doesnt want you to do.

Honestly I think it will be a funner car to drive on a track as well. I think it would be a car for strong consideration... plus in the future that engine bay has a bunch more room for the S65 or something else
1. Car seat. Although for baby hauling the explorer will do the heavy lifting but whatever i get still has to work for that.

2. Why do you say the suspension is better. Z4 is no where near 50/50 but i guess a corner balance could fix that. From speaking with some guys that have driven both they werent very happy with the z4.

3. No matter what, a z4 wont work with #1 so its out.

Believe me though i did look into it.
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