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What your changing is the amount of weight applied to each wheel by adjusting the ride height. Ideally you want equal weights at all corners for a balanced car. Short of physically moving weight around which can be hard to do in a street car, you adjust the diagonal weights left rear and front right to be the same percentage as the right rear and front left. Think of it as a sitting in chair with springs as legs, if you shorten one corner there is gonna be less weight on that corner and cause the chair to rock. Total side weight and front or back weight will never change unless you move something in the car. What you can change is the weight diagonally though, raising one corner will put more weight on that corner and transfer weight from the other 3 corners. On a road track it balances the car and makes it react the same way turning left as turning right.

Also you cant do this unless you have an adjustable ride height suspension.

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