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Originally Posted by 032 View Post
See, the issue is that Mango sort of represents the community here. Whether you want it to be like that or not, when you ask a question about an E46, Mango's threads are always linked. I just think a lot of his recommendations are over the top. I've never heard of original parts lasting only 15k miles on any car. Like I said, my friend's mom has an E46 325i. 118k miles. Everything is original, even the battery. Cooling system, everything. Just oil changes every 10-15k miles.
So then why are you asking us? Mango does not represent the community, but a part of it, like everyone here take what you will of his advise but by no means is his word gospel, unless you talk to some freaks around here who won't buy light bulbs unless he says they are good.

Mango is over the top, but its up to you to determine where the line is and how to deal with it. I will tell you from personal experience a couple things that ARE issues:

- Cooling system overhaul. 2 days after a 1200 miles trip my car was on the lift at the shop having them install a transfer case when the expansion tank blow up. I mean blew up, literally. I replaces thermostat and water pump but didn't do radiator (still haven't) or the tank and if it had happened 2 days prior.....

I know I'm on borrowed time prolly on the radiator, but those "usually" slow leak; if it hasn't gone by next year I'll replace it when I get the system flushed again.

- CV axles; and use good, OEM ones or you'll be sorry.

- VCG, OFHG, Vanos line and DISA. All failed on my 120k car like clockwork.

- TCB is the only thing that holds the tranny on an XI. They wear out and cause all sorts of vibes.

Really from there it's more "normal" things, though others will scream Vanos if they can, though I've not heard or seen many really fail catastrophically (nor has my indy shop) but they do get noisy over time and need new seals. Lots of bushings in the suspension to but again, more as they fail.

Ymmv, but seriously don't overthj I things. And don't under either.
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