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Originally Posted by 2000_328CI View Post
This is such an arrogant, obnoxious comment. I had loving parents who gave me the best they could, taught me proper morals, put a golf club in my hand, and allowed me to earn a partial scholarship to a top tier school. I graduated with honors from that program and took a job in SALE with a tech startup from Norway. I'm not in a family business nor was I ever handed a paycheck... My entire work life has been paid primarily off COMMISSION which is entirely a result of hard work.

For people to sit there and discount my views (which are founded in very basic free market principles) simply based on my upbringing or parents... now THAT is bigoted.

Apparently discounting those abusing welfare is elitist... but discounting those who have worked their a$$ off to make something of themselves.. that's perfectly fine.
So in other words you have never experienced the side of life you so want to dictate?

btw, IDGAF about your history, your parents, or how you credit your so called "hard work" to arrive where you are.

I discount your views for many reasons. And your country club wannabe lifestyle isn't one of those.
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