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$1.3 million lawsuit against university for giving student a C+

Alleged discrimination or a case of lack of personal accountability and non-acceptance to performing at a C+ level?

So you got a C+ in an important university course. Sucks, right? But would you be perturbed enough to sue your school for over a million dollars, claiming the poor grade dashed your hopes of a promising career?
FacebookMegan Thode seen in an undated photo with an unknown child.

That's the approach a Pennsylvania woman is taking as she arrived in court this week with a $1.3 million claim against her alma mater, arguing the grade in a class critical to achieving her master's degree has destroyed her chances of becoming a licensed professional counselor.
Orloski said his client is the victim of breach of contract and sexual discrimination, and a civil trial began Monday before Northampton County Judge Emil Giordano over the claims. They're nonsense, said Neil Hamburg, an attorney for Lehigh University

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