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Pictoral DIY: e46 Nexus 7 Dash install

For background on this project you can check out my website(located in my profile or sig).
  • As of now I have the nexus 7 in hand with the custom interface to mimic the new 2012 BMW Connected Drive system
  • HVAC Controls have been relocated temporarily... See Here
  • The Nexus Boot animation has been completed
  • Factory Business radio has been removed and dismantled so that I can relocate the controls
  • Blitz Safe AUX adapter has been ordered (Scheduled to arrive on Feb 19th)
  • Still up in the are on doing the Bluetooth install as the same time..
  • Up in the are on making a Bezel or purchasing one from http://mybimmer.net/

So i guess ill start by showing the Radio tear down. Im not going to post anything about how to remove the radio from the car. Plenty of great DIY are already available on this site for that.
So here was the radio on my work bench.

Starting with the top plate remove the 3 screws listed below

Next begin to pry upward with a flat head screw driver along the area surrounded in Red - You can see where i was lifting with my flat head

Contiune to do the same along the back side and the drivers side of the radio

Here is a picture with the top plate removed

Originally the whole reason that I removed this was because my radio was becoming very difficult to turn on and off (and now Im putting a nexus in...) The picture below shows why this was happening. You can see where the Volume/Power Knob had broken away from the face plate

The next step is to remove the screws holding the CD player in place. These are located at the red arrows.

Here are a couple close ups of those same screws. The first image is the passengers side front and the last picture shows the back 2(near the wiring harness connections)

The cd drive is connected to the main PCB(Printed Circuit Board) of the radio with a connector. When you first try and remove the drive it may feel as though it is still connected. I used a flat head and pried the drive gently up to release this connection.

The picture below is a picture of the connector I was referring to above

The next step was to remove the face plate. There are 4 screws and two clips holding this in place.
This first image is the passengers side of the radio

Image below is drivers side. (You might also notice that I have the heat sink removed in this picture... This was unneeded and I kept forgetting I had removed it and was getting thermal paste everywhere. I cleaned both, applied new thermal paste and re installed. There would be no reason to ever remove this for anything in this tutorial)

And then the 2 screws located on the bottom of the radio

The clips are located on the inside of the housing where screws 1 and 2 were removed. I simply used a flat head again to gently pry outward and slowly pushing forward. Be careful on this step as the FFC(Flat Flexible Cable) is still connected to both the face plate and the main PCB.

Next you can remove the FFC by gently pushing toward the back of the radio on the two clips shown in the following image. It should easily slide out. Do not force this connection. There should be ZERO resistance when trying to remove this FFC from the ZIF socket on the main PCB.

At this point I forgot to take an image removing the FFC from the face plate of the radio. This is also another ZIF connector but it is a different style. The brown section of the connector in the photo below folds up and down(towards the FFC and then Back towards the PBC of the faceplate). Again this should easily slide out as before. There should be no resistance.

Here is a close up of the ZIF connector with the FFC removed and the cable that connects the volume/power knob

I also forgot to take a good picture showing the screws to be removed so that the metal backing can be separated from the Front display PCB. The next image shows where they would have been. I don't think I missed any but they should be easy to spot regardless

The next image is the two screws that hold the Volume/Power knob in place ( mine were broken so it damn near fell out at this point).

On this next part I started to take things apart again and caught myself. When I first started removing the screws for the PBC I managed to get two different sizes in the first two I removed so I make the diagram seen in this following image to help keep track of the screws.(Never a bad Idea) Turns out only the top center screw ended up being a different size but It never hurts to be safe

Here is an image with the PCB removed from the face plate and the rubber contacts exposed

This final picture shows the rubber removed(it just lays there.. Its help in place by the PCB) The brass screws shown in the image below could be removed but the only thing you would gain at this point is the ability to remove individual buttons if one needed replaced. I didn't feel like dealing with it if I bumped this and would have to realign all the buttons so as soon as I removed this plastic plate I re-installed it.

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