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Here are a couple videos of me testing the stock radio back in the car after disassembling it.
This first video is making sure that the radio will still work without the face plate reinstalled.

This next video shows that I didnt screw anything up when disassembling. (I freaked out a little when nothing happened at first haha) I guess for some reason when I reattached the face plate the radio turned itself off. I also found it weird that I could not get the buttons to work with a bare finger. This came back to me being a little perplexed as to how rubber contacts were connecting these buttons... If anyone has an idea on this I would appreciate a pm haha. This goes against everything I've learned in school

Here is where im at on customizing the nexus 7 so far. This will be the boot animation that will play when the car is started. This is achieved through several ways. I will do a write up on the nexus 7 at another time once everything is finalized

Here are a couple screen shots of what the nexus 7 looks like - These are taken directly from the tablet with the VolumDown/Power function of android 4.2.1 -
This is the main menu that is displayed after the above startup animation

Followed by multimedia, listing the different internet radio apps installed so far. These can be directly controlled from this screen or opened into a full screen mode. The 4 widgets for pandora, slacker, spotify, and Play Music. While I have planned on doing a custom theme for at least Play Music (I know this is possible as I have worked on a Blacked out theme before) I will be leaving this till after the install is fully functional. Then I can go back and tweek and beautify the interface. (At that time I would also look into the possibility of themeing pandora and the others.

And lastly weather
Under development

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