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Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
Hmmmm maybe you should put all that energy to a good use. Go volunteer building a shelter for the homeless or spend a weekend in the retirement home helping the nurses.

The gas you pump from the gas station already has alot of additives in it, there is absolutely no need for any additional additives, especially ones like ATF or 2 stroke oil.

How will it harm? lets see, improper mixture of air to fuel causing a hotter exhaust mixture will shorten the life of your plugs. Improper exhaust content will shorten the life of your 02 sensors. More oil in the combustion will cause more carbon build up. Heavier(due to addition of oil) mixture of gas might cause the gas pressure to go down overtime as the mixture is heavier, thus taking more time to travel same distance and requiring more force to be pushed out of injectors.

Lots of reasons not to use 2 stroke oil, one of the most important would be because BMW doest recommend it. If it works for your grandpa , tell him I personally congratulate him, but dont bring this crap in here
Well I NEVER once mentioned ATF, so we can toss that out the window. My grandpa has passed away some time ago, so leave him out of this. It actually cleans plugs, extends the life of o2 sensors, it cleans carbon deposits, cleans cats, coats fuel system, etc etc. The last example you mentioned about it being heavier I just don't have a comment for that. Everything you mention as a bad thing is actually the opposite. Either way, you're right I will take my crap elsewhere.

Just a crying shame people are making such harsh judgements on nothing but belief. Sounds like a lot of other things people argue about, hence the reason I am pulling out of this ridiculous mess. Sorry I brought it up!

It's funny you are knocking me for "wasting" my time informing myself. Maybe you should do the same.
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