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Interesting news. I decided to hook my scan tool to the car under the engine. I got more codes. P1510, P0101, and P1770. It looks as if my computers are noncooperating right. Obviously this must mean that there is something wrong with the wiring. So I took time to use electrical cleaner on my ICV, and mass airflow sensor. The reason why I am checking these codes again is because the car decided to do the same thing it has been doing again tonight. After over 500 miles of it's being cooperative. I just read another thread on someone else getting similar codes to this, and it was due to a faulty ICV, so I may go ahead and buy a recycled wine and try it out if this problem comes back again after this Because that individual with the problems I am having had no other issues after he had the dealership changes ICV, of course I will change my own though.
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