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Originally Posted by trentcdrums View Post
The title states it. I have cleaned my throttle body, ICV, replaced intake boots and cleaned, changed spark plugs. The dealership said the reason this was last time was because I had a bad valve cover. So I spent $500 on that replacement and it was great for months. Now it's doing it again.

I am drumming a huge youth retreat 2 hours away and had to pull over "12" times because the car wouldn't let me go over 45 mph! So I turn the car off and on again. The cel stays on but the eml and traction lights are off. Every stop sign I approach, the lights comes back!

I know there are multiple threads on this. But I am wondering if maybe y throttle body is done for or my icv.

Here are the codes.
So searching your other codes...1770 came up as a clutch solenoid issue somewhere online Not sure that's the same code for us or not.

Also...for grins, check your battery voltage both with car off and on. When I drove my car with a bad battery for about 30 miles, the first lights I had were the one's you had. I'm wondering if you're just suffering from running on a battery just on the edge of totally bad...which you could do for a while. But, if that while was too long, eventually the alt would wear down too. Easy to check...and check the cables too.

And, if you search for me and "tampa bay" you might find my post about my icv cleaning approach...which basically was to clean like a freak from every possible angle and a can and a half of TB cleaner.

And I replaced icv grommet, tb gasket too.

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