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Originally Posted by 032 View Post
I don't understand why, when I ask for an opinion, people say "you need to know what to do". I'm new to this. You acquire knowledge through inquiry. So, when I ask for an opinion on whether I should follow Mango's advice or not, I just want to know your opinion. You can't blame a person for being ignorant. If I was giving advice, then yeah, I would need to have some qualification. I just didn't know there were qualifications for asking questions. Fix your egos.
If you want to spend your life listening to what people on the Internet tell you to do then by all means go ahead and do it but you'll lead a poor, sad and pretty dull life without much gained knowledge. And be broke as hell.

Reading is understanding, Mango has chosen to love his car and replace anything and everything that may or may not fail. Again, if you want to spend your life following him and those practices do it. We all deal with things differently and most take a few more "risks" by replacing certain things we KNOW are failure prone and waiting for others, like I outlined above.

Check YOUR ego: you asked for advice, several gave it and now you are getting upset when we say think about it a bit yourself and make your own decisions based on FACT, not some crazy dude who replaces everything that moves on his car because it might fail at some point.

Your call on this: either be a sheep and follow Mango blindly, not even buying lightbulbs unless he approves them for you. Or learn by reading what does and doesn't fail and keep ahead of maintenance. All the while learning.

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