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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
You had them install a transfer case because the expansion tank blew up?[/QUOTE

Yup, cuz that make complete sense......

Read it again: it was in the shop getting the transfer case swapped when the expansion tank, something I neglected to replace, blew up while they were running it on the lift.

Two separate problems, both fixed at the same time, however. My point was literally 2 days prior I was cruising down the interstate on a 1200 mile trip at 75-80 mph; at any point during the werkend it could have blown out a d causing me a huge problem.
Sorry, my reading comprehension yesterday must have been off. My bad.

Originally Posted by 032 View Post
I don't understand why, when I ask for an opinion, people say "you need to know what to do". I'm new to this. You acquire knowledge through inquiry. So, when I ask for an opinion on whether I should follow Mango's advice or not, I just want to know your opinion. You can't blame a person for being ignorant. If I was giving advice, then yeah, I would need to have some qualification. I just didn't know there were qualifications for asking questions. Fix your egos.
No one said "you need to know what to do". People just said to think about it and make the decision of what you want to do about it. Numerous people have said that Mango's idea of maintenance is a bit extremist and the flip side of people who just do what the manual says is in this thread too with the majority of people falling somewhere in the middle. It's now up to you on who to follow or what advice to take.

My ego is fine, thanks. I've been around the block with stuff on my car and am willing to share my experiences and opinions with anyone who asks. I, however, do not like dumb questions or questions that have been answered eleventy billion times on the first page and that's where I get snarky.
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