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Originally Posted by cd330 View Post
Dude....... try to keep up..... the couple was tied up.... they also stated in their news conference that there were also maids there, but they were in a different cabin in the same complex and did not cross paths with Dorner. What is even more unbelieveable is that this string of cabins/complex is literally right accross the street where the cops had their command center set up........

"UPDATE: A California couple has come forward about their harrowing experience with the man they believed to be Chris Dorner.

Karen and Jim Reynolds revealed in a press conference Wednesday that they encountered Dorner Tuesday in their condo. He had a gun, but promised not to hurt them, claim the couple. Dorner tied them up, put pillow cases over their heads and then fled in their Nissan.

Learn more about the Reynolds' ordeal in an updated version of this story.

Previous reports had indicated that Dorner tied up a mother-daughter housekeeping pair and stole their car."
I can show you 10 links that said the maids were tied up. Media gonna media
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