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Originally Posted by e46alfonso View Post
The PS pump should not cause this problem. Maby the rack.
How many miles?

Have control arms and bushings ever been changed? My CABs were destroyed at 85k miles.

Have you checked the axles? Maby they have lost gerase and are about to disintegrate.
The car has 130k. CAB's got changed two years ago, they are fine after looking at them.

My drivers outer boot is gone, last night on a test drive I heard some low speed clicking which I know is the CV. I've had axles laying in the garage ready to put in, just no time. Could a shot CV cause this?

I drove it last night, zero wobbling and then I heard the clicking. Made another turn and the wobble came back. Then drove it again and it was gone. My car feels like a squishy turd while steering.

I havent checked the wheel bearings.

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