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Originally Posted by klangford View Post
I truly hope it works out for the OP, perhaps they've changed their game. If you read the horror stories of those who tried to quit however it isn't promising. They take months and have lots of red tape to finally stop charging you. The stories I read sounded eerily familiar to my own experience when my oldest daughter joined a gym. Her contract had a cancellation clause if you moved more than 50 miles away. When we went to college (100+ miles away) it took 4 months and countless emails to stop the ACH membership payment. They kept loosing the request, they found some BS reason that replacement request wasn't valid, etc. once they accepted the document it then mysteriously took 6 weeks to update their ACH system - all BS to get another $80-100 out of her.

So I gave her membership card to a homeless guy - I said "Dude, do you want to know where you can get a shower every day, clean towels, and even have access to laundry? Use this card at that gym across the street until it quits working - go shower, hang out, tell them Klangford said 'hello'!"
That is absolutely brilliant!
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