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Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
I've been fly fishing in Montana before and loved it. Wyoming was nice too. I know a deputy with Flathead County Sheriff's Office, based out of Columbia Falls, and he's buddies with the guys at Black Ops Precision rifles (formerly Underground Skunkworks). Wouldn't mind moving out there.
I have another Army/cop buddy in Idaho, and another Army buddy in Wyoming (been to Wyoming for fly fishing as well). Have yet to go to Utah, but I have been considering training with Sniper Country Training out there. Wouldn't mind being out there in those states, and I'd move out there without hesitation if the wife were on board for it.

I always hear a lot of good things about Texas, and wouldn't mind living there. I have more desire to live in Arizona, as I have family there. AZ is pretty pro-gun too, but there is a lot more crime and violence in the Phoenix area.
Utah is probably my favorite place on the planet, and I've been to a lot of places. I have a few friends in AZ, and would consider it if they could just get their Mexican problem under control.

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