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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
The Eibachs will be stiffer than the stockers but not by much. I would check your install work and make sure the upper shock and strut mounts are still good. Also check the struts and shocks for leakage as they might not be working properly. Bilsteins have been known to leak.

The powerflex bushings will be stiffer than the stock ones too. You did overall stiffen the car quite a bit...
Install work is good, all new mounts. I'm not getting any rattles.. .just harsh

Maybe everything contributed a little huh.

I'll check the struts next time i have a chance... I'd hope they aren't leaking yet!

The rears seem harsher than the fronts, I don't have much weight in the car and the tires are set a few pounds less than factory recommended psi at the rear

Maybe I just need to go back to stock... I like the handling but 3 hours in the car each day is tough if you're counting cracks.
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