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Originally Posted by SamDoe1 View Post
The CV boot protects the CV joint which transmits power to the wheel in all directions (up/down as well as when the wheel turns as you steer).

If the CV joint has been exposed for an extended period of time, the grease the lubricates the joint is likely gone by now and is causing the joint to bind as it heats up. The reason that this is intermittent is because sometimes the joint won't bind. The longer to let this go, the worse it will get.

I don't think this is a suspension issue at all.
You may very well be right. That boot has been torn since April of '12. Like I said, I have both sides of axles already but haven't had time to do them and havent had any symptoms of bad axles/CV joints. I scheduled the car to head to the dealer tomorrow but I may just wait, change that axle and see. Worst case I have to take the axle out again if its the rack. But saving $120/hr is worth it.
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