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Originally Posted by v8 5 View Post
The dip you see on the internet is 98% a camera trick, always far away never really revealing detail.

In real life, plastidip looks like sh!t and makes the car look ghetto. Like super-beater status.

The worst part is if you mess up an area, and try to re-spray it - it ends up coming out even worse and you'll end up tearing it all off because of how bad it fills on top of existing plastidip.

My friends company ended up camo-wrapping their cars, but that cost 2k~

tldr plastidip is dumb and good for things like badges and grills, that's about it.
Makes complete sense, and I read the whole thing.

All in the prep work and time you are willing to take to make it look right, otherwise you end up like DominicG and all his great ideas.
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