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Originally Posted by bgsmith View Post
Chest day today, plan on the below.

Flat bench 135x12 185x12 205x8-10 then a set of 225 as many as I can get, usually around 4-5.

I'm old and out of shape though, just recently got back into seriously working out.
I personally think all of those sets at 135, 185, and 205 are a waste.

I would do something like


Getting as many reps under your belt as possible with higher weights are going to benefit you more in the long-run than the intermediate sets

3 ways to build strength:

1. Lift maximal weights
2. Lift submaximal weights for maximal reps
3. Lift submaximal weights at maximal speed

Your set at 225 is accomplishing #2, but all your other sets aren't really doing anything besides tiring you out in my opinion.
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