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Originally Posted by Serbonze View Post
I have tried both vertical foregrips and angled foregrips, and I have finally settled on a small handstop. I find that it gives me the control that I need while transitioning targets and the AR is rock solid. If you like it, then more power to you. I wasn't saying that you shouldn't use it, I was saying just take it off if it won't fit in the case with it on.

I was going to use the term broomstick grip, but I guess they are both the same thing. The problem that I found by using the broomstick grip is that the AR is very top heavy and pivots quite a bit on recoil and transitions. If you are using the forward grip as a hand stop as David described above then that's fine too, but you can find much shorter versions that will still allow it to fit in the case.

i've noticed when people use this method with their VFG's, they tend to like an AFG. and people who use AFGs typically like handstops.

i've noticed im a little wierd with handstops though. instead of using them to stop my support hand at either the front or rear, i usually have my hand placed so that the stop(larue) rests between my middle and ring fingers. i have yet to see someone else do this. tell me im not wierd.

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