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Originally Posted by ImPulSe View Post
The amount of time it takes to "prep" it the right way and the time it takes to spray it in a professional manner, makes me rather pay for a full vinyl job next time I want to change the color of my car.
It took me 5 hours TOTAL to prep my s2000, and cost me $350 of dip/gun to spray. A vynil wrap can be easily damaged and costs 2K for a decent job. Thats $1650 extra. Divide that by 5 hours, and its damn well worth my time. That works out to $330 an hour...I don't know about you, I don't make that much, so if I can save the money by doing it myself, I will. There is nothing difficult in the prepwork, it just takes some time and patience. You don't need to be a professional to plastidip your car. Don't blame the tools. Also don't know if you have ever actually had a vynil job on your vehicle, but paying 2k for something that bird sh!t, tree sap, and salt can destroy in 5 minutes isn't something I would do. Your logic is also weird....plastidip....$100....vynil, 2k. Why not just get the car resprayed for 5k then?

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