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Originally Posted by ThEnder View Post
There is a solution to the emissions issue with diesels and it's particulate filters combined with urea injection. The problem is that the technology is still pretty new and expensive - as always costs will go down when the acceptance and demand grows.

Despite the initial high cost, diesels are getting more popular in the US. I've seen a huge increase in the number of Golf/A3 TDIs on the road, a lot of X5 diesels, and a lot of ML/GL diesels. As fuel costs rise the demand for diesels is only going to go up, and the automakers are starting to get ready by increasing the number of diesel models available.

Chrysler is bringing a 50 state legal V6 diesel for the 2014 Grand Cherokee. Add that to a variety of diesels offered by Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, and BMW and you have a growing base of diesel SUVs and passenger cars from which to choose. Ford is even offering a diesel Transit Connect for the first time in the US market, and there is rumor of a diesel coming for the Focus/Fiesta.

Diesels are hands down a better value and more environmentally friendly than hybrids, let's hope that more models make it to our shores.
You will see more and more of them get blocked to push the "green" agenda.
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