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Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
Having fun tonight?
Drill baby drill! I just hope my drill has enough juice in it cause i can't find the charger i'm just going to do step 1 tonight--seam sealer. then tomorrow i'll jack up the car, tape the bottom and inject both cartridges in one hole. should be easy enough i hope..

Originally Posted by college46 View Post
Tried to clean the ICV again but couldn't get the damn screw clamp on the lower intake boot. I really dont want to buy another one since my upper intake boot was in great condition, but I can't imagine they would be that expensive. I think I may have to cut the lower intake boot to remove the screw clamps to access the ICV.
You mean you can't access the clamp on the lower boot that wraps around the TB? Swiveling attachment will work wonders here w/ 1/4" ratchet
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