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Originally Posted by Raymond42262 View Post
It costs more because people are willing to pay more for them.
The people that want one are willing to pay the premium.

Diesels get more mpg and salesmen pitch them as a better value so they cost more. Salesmen suggest that the additional expense for the diesel will be made up in better mileage and they often say that diesel engines last longer.

But they fail to mention that a gas engine will last as long as a diesel with proper maintenance and diesel costs 35 cents more per gallon. And many gas cars get mileage as good or better than many diesels.

But people will pay the premium for the diesel to be different, for the same reason they pay 4k extra for a hybrid or 7k extra for an electric car like a Volt.
This man's got it here. I'm about to buy a diesel G wagon (the only one successfully registered in CA, at that) and I'll be paying almost 30k for a vehicle with well north of 100,000 miles. But that's because I, and many others, have a financially unjustifiable passion for diesels, and are willing to suck up the premiums for more mechanically simple and efficient options.
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