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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Oh, and if thats the look you are going for, may I suggest you have the outside line-x'ed and not painted that color? It will literally never have issues with scratches, rust, etc etc.
This is precisely my plan. I'm tired of having a nervous breakdown over the possibility of getting my car keyed or any sort of damage to the paint. this G is the solution to that problem.

As absurd as it may seem, I do indeed plan on having that contrast. I'm a very clean person, so other than some rubber mats and a rugged footwell area, that car is getting the full treatment. Suede headliner, walnut brown seats, the works. It'll be my DD, after all, don't want to spend a bunch of time in a ragged spartan interior!

This is what I'm going to try and grab for the interior,

But apparently the newest gauge cluster is pretty finacky about sensor inputs and wiring, I just can't help but love the fact that Mercedes is using real metal switches and accents now though.

You should look in to doing an 460/461 build, you can bring one over with a truck bed and have it all restored for probably less than 30/35k.
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