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Originally Posted by k2pilot View Post
This is precisely my plan. I'm tired of having a nervous breakdown over the possibility of getting my car keyed or any sort of damage to the paint. this G is the solution to that problem.

As absurd as it may seem, I do indeed plan on having that contrast. I'm a very clean person, so other than some rubber mats and a rugged footwell area, that car is getting the full treatment. Suede headliner, walnut brown seats, the works. It'll be my DD, after all, don't want to spend a bunch of time in a ragged spartan interior!

This is what I'm going to try and grab for the interior,

But apparently the newest gauge cluster is pretty finacky about sensor inputs and wiring, I just can't help but love the fact that Mercedes is using real metal switches and accents now though.

You should look in to doing an 460/461 build, you can bring one over with a truck bed and have it all restored for probably less than 30/35k.
Fair enough. IMHO, that would be an awesome cruiser, but definitely be prepared to get flack from the offroading crowd. They are going to go after you telling you to make sure you don't spill your non-fat latte onto your fine leather seating surfaces.
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