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Originally Posted by avincent52 View Post
I love your sig pic, Terz. That is *such* a sweet car.
I also love the ZHP wheels on it.
I think it's a coin flip between the ZHPs and the CSLs.
If it were my car (and last June is *was* my car) I'l keep the ZHPs and use the money for further mods to improve the car.
Like a ZHP exhaust (forget that), or an m3 steering wheel (oh, never mind) or some Dinan goodies (aw heck)
or a new cooling system. Or two. Or three.
Like Mango says, you can't be too careful.
As you might imagine, I'm a tiny bit jealous right now.
Enjoy it.
Now that I have the car, and have seen the ZHP's in person, I think you're right. They look really good. I need to get some snow tires on it asap (got stuck in front of my house, five minutes off the truck!), but I think I found some good 17" wheels locally... It's Craigslist, though, so ya never know.

Anyway, I think the CSLs can wait.

So many great choices out there!

I'm sure you'll find a great wagon, AV52. They're out there. (Not as many sporty 5-speeds, but those are out there, too. With sunroofs.)

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