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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Yeah I think so too! There are no fun roads in Kansas... btw how much power does an M3 loose at 5,000 ft?

Right now my focus is undergrad ME. It's nice to keep in mind that DU has good graduate studies, but I probably shouldn't let that influence my undergrad decision too much. My biggest concern with DU is the size of the program. It seems like ME at CSU is much more substantial and therefore will have the labs, equipment, toys, extra stuff, blah blah whatever. Versus DU might have the basics but beyond that

I know mines is better but I still don't know how I feel about a predominantly engineering (and guys) school. Also, I haven't applied there and even if I did idk if I would get in. I have actually driven through Golden and formally visited CU Boulder and CSU. I have only a month or two until I have to make my decision so that's why we're driving out this week.

What year are you?

Ft. Collins is honestly a big plus for CSU. I like the college town thing. Plus that foothills campus and all. I'm old so I'll turn 21 during the second half of my sophomore semester.

Currently I've been going to a (supposedly, it's what they tell me) very challenging college-prep high school. I'd like to think that I'll be ready for lots of work. I understand that that's what college is about though.

My main cons for CSU are just the classic big state school stuff. Class size / individual attention / getting help.

I need to make sure that I'm convinced that CSU is worth it over KU. They're both fairly similar as far as I can tell, I haven't compared them directly enough yet. KU would be way cheaper and 45 mins from home instead of 10 hours. Big difference in an M3 on 600lb/in linear springs

You might be able to answer this question: DU is in Denver which is a huge economic center, but what about CSU? How available/good are Co-op, internship, and ultimately job offers for CSU kids?

Thanks for the help so far guys. I really value your input. Sorry for intruding so badly in the thread!
I'm at CU - Denver for ME and looking back money was the biggest factor in deciding where I go. Graduating with tons of debt and a job market that isn't all that great is a scary thing. If you're worried about the class size I don't think that's really an issue. Your biggest classes will be pre-reqs and then once you get into the major specific core classes they will thin out significantly. I really like it at CU-Denver because it's urban and I like the fact that there are 60k people on Auraria's campus during the week. This means lots of females my friend. I went to a 20k+ undergrad SEC school back home and it was just too rural and basically one huge party as that's all there really is to do in the downtime. I find concentration and getting my work done easier here downtown. If I can just offer a few words of advice from my experience I'd say budget hardcore and take school seriously. Go to class man, that can easily change your grades for the better. I don't know how you are on scholarships but in-state tuition is cheapest at CSU and UC schools. They are only about 6k and I think Mine's is around 10k. A degree from any university in Colorado will look just about the same as the other, the only difference is the price you will pay to get there.

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