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Finished week 5 day 4 of the 50 squats last night

This is getting rough. I love the program but I'm looking forward to a little more variation in my leg workouts so even if I don't fail in the next two weeks I'll probably try something different.

Maybe more of a let workout like this:

Back squats

Front Squats
3x5 maybe 185 or so. Not sure what I cna do now.

Dumbbell Lunges
3x10 each leg

Romanian Deadlifts
3x10 with 155 maybe

I think that should be enough leg work for one day. I'll probably start this in two weeks.

Weighted myself today after my morning pee/poop and shower (completely dry) and weight 177. I'm very happy with that but last week or so I was 174 so I'm sure I fluctuate a little from day to day.

I am booking a cruise for May 11th so I plan on continuing my eat like a monster plan until April 11th or so. I think a month of trying to cut belly fat may be ok for me since I didn't gain much. My plan for the cut would be a first thing in the AM 15 minutes HIIT run, slightly lower cals, and the same weight training I'm doing now with maybe 2 short metcons a week.
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