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Originally Posted by avincent52 View Post
That's just terrible. I live in Essex County so I'll definitely keep my eyes open.

Funny, just yesterday afternoon I answered a Craig's List ad, and got a great deal on a clean, steel grey 2003 M3.
Really smooth transaction. Called the guy up and an hour later we met in East Orange. Guy drove up in the M3 followed by his friend in a black Cayenne.
Nice guys. Great price.

It had a broken lock and a little curbage on the right rear wheels, and a crack on the bottom of the rear bumper. So because of that and the dove interior a few other problems, and the fact that the guy was moving to Oklahoma for a new job, I was able to negotiate him down to $4,000. A little hard to believe that I called the guy at 12:30 yesterday and by quarter to two I had a new-to-me M3, but you've got to jump on a deal like that.

The owner said he had to go to his mother's house in Coney Island this morning to get the title, but I'm going to him meet this afternoon by this really great hot dog stand in Newark.

I'll post pics of my new baby later today, and of course, I'll be on the look out for your car, OP.
Sounds like you bought OPs stolen car ... and are out $4000 ... what thaaaa ...

AA exhaust, PSS10, TMS sways, 5mm rear spacers, more to come!
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