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Originally Posted by KingBee View Post
Sounds like you bought OPs stolen car ... and are out $4000 ... what thaaaa ...
That's ridiculous. The guy I bought it from--Dave, he said his name was--told me that he was the original owner, and that he had changed the oil every 3,000 miles with BMW synthetic, and that the only reason he was selling it was that his company was transferring him to Oklahoma City next Monday and his boss told him couldn't take his car there. And that it was his little sister who broke the door lock when she locked the keys in the car but was to afraid to tell him.

His friend in the black Cayenne--his name was Dave too--vouched for him on all of this.

And Dave gave me a receipt for the $4,000, and left me his house keys until he brings me the title today.

It's all on the up and up.

But when I hear the OPs story, it makes me think that living in New Jersey and all, I ought to get an alarm right away, even before I replace the cooling system. Just can't be too careful.
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