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Originally Posted by dabears View Post
solly you are going to be able to go way heavier than 225 x 5 (unless you are saving energy for front squats?)

Funny enough, I was 177 this morning.

How come no calf work?
I don't know man. I hope I can but I'll see how it goes. I did get up to like 245x5 x3 so I should be able to do it without an issue. Maybe I'll do this monday. I dont know, I'd hate to spot the glight squat program if I can still get it but it makes it so I can't deadlift and I miss that. I have 2 months to try to put on as much size as I can.

And no calf work because I kind of see it as pointless sometimes. It wouldn't hurt though. I just don't see a lot of growth from people doing all these calf workouts.

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