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Originally Posted by kevbot View Post
well i ordered an M3 replica bumper from Umnitza on February 1st with fedex 2 day shipping. My main reason for ordering through Umnitza was the low price and fast shipping. (or so i thought). i needed this bumper relatively fast because my car was in a small accident and the front bumper was torn off. Right after i ordered the bumper Umnitza called me saying that they did not offer fed-ex 2 day for me because i live in Arizona and they had to ship it greyhound, but they assured me the bumper would be there within 2 business days, he was going to try and get it shipped on Feb. 1st or saturday the 2nd. Awesome service..or so i thought. After numerous emails of me trying to find out where my bumper is. I still do not have it. They have sent me multiple emails saying it will be there tomorrow. Finally they said they shipped it out on the 9th of february, and gave me the tracking number. I have talked to greyhound and it wont arrive to me until 10 business days from the ship date. Needless to say i will NEVER be ordering anything from umnitza again. I would not advise anyone to do so either.
I'm sorry your experience has been negative and hopefully this response will help alleviate some of your concerns.

First a timeline:
You purchased your bumper on 2/1/13 Friday.
$164 shipped for E46 M3 Bumper replica.
We dropped off the bumper to Fedex the following Friday, we had to repackage the bumper to ensure it would arrive in one piece.
We only deliver bumpers to Greyhound on Tuesdays and Fridays because we like to take 15-20 at a time instead of going every day.
We missed the following Tuesday, very sorry about that.
Your order left Greyhound on 2/9/13 Saturday.

We don't ship any bumpers by Fedex. It does say this on our terms and conditions, the product page, and we make every effort if someone does accidentally choose it to give them a call to help them understand our shipping policies. We offer only Greyhound $75 or door to door Pilot Freight for $110

You paid only $64 for shipping, normally Greyhound shipping is flat rated at $75, we did not ask you to pay more for this and waived the additional fee required.

Normally Greyhound delivers bumpers within 24 hours from Oakland (our ship station) to anywhere west of the rockies - West as far as Denver, Tuscon; North as far as Seattle, Portland, and locations within California are never more than a 2 day delivery in some cases even same day delivery for Greyhound.

At all times we are in contact with our agent on any delays, please email us any time for a reply.

Currently, our Agent - Patricia (Pat) is doing an investigation for this shipment. There have been some sporadic issues with Los Angeles Greyhound holding some shipments (all not just ours) so we're investigating that for you.

I'd like to apologize for any delays you incurred and let you know that we are working with Greyhound now to resolve the shipment for you.

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