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Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
I still want to see your clean form. I'm sure it's fine but always curious since it's so damn technical. I think mine is pretty good now but I have more to learn. I usually see people with either awesome form or downright terrible like I used to be.

Do you think my leg workout would be ok? I want to put some size on these things.
Oddly enough, the last couple of workouts that included PC's were without a partner (..or any familiar faces in the gym). I'll get a video asap! I don't stomp though. I try to get a lot of extension onto my toes to really blast the calves ( that's how I was taught).

Originally Posted by dabears View Post
How come no calf work?
I rarely do isolated calf work. Front squats and Power Cleans are enough to hit them well.
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