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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I'll answer both...kind of the same actually.

I don't think so. It ran at 10.5psi for awhile. I don't think the amount of boost is the issue. The car for many reasons is just not made for track use with FI. 5psi or 11 psi.

I've seen 2 other E46 Non-Ms blow engines (one rod, not sure about the other one). All supercharging does is get you there faster. It doesn't give you the advantage that you think you'll get. The problem is heat. These cars have enough trouble add more fuel, more power which equals more heat.

You can make it reliable. Forged pistons and rods, billet crank, dry sump oiling, stand alone ECU. Now you've dropped $16k+ into a car that is on par with an E9X M3. Is it worth it? Not to me.

I think the common misconception is that power doesn't always equate to fun. Speed through the corners is where it is at...suspension and brakes.
Could you clarify a little bit on my question (surrounding not FI)? I just had trouble deciphering which part of this is directed at too much boost, and what's directed at what you think the reliability of the M54 is, boost-less, and whether its worth preparing for track use versus just buying an E46 M3.


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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people
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