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Hey guys. I've been running without the MAF sensor for about 6 months because after completely overhauling my cooling system I couldn't afford the $400 for a new one & the sensor was causing my car to stall out immediately after starting. I did buy the CRC MAF cleaner, no dice tho. I.e. the sensor is shot.

My question is, what are the ramifications of running without it? I've been told that gas mileage will suffer heavily, however, 6,000 miles later the drop-off has been negligible - practically imperceptible. What I really want to know are actual mechanical problems this could cause(not fuel efficiency or performance because in my experience neither of those were significantly impacted)?

One last question - I read somewhere that after cleaning the sensor I should have disconnected the battery for a bit to reset the computer because it didn't know to correct the mixture after running the car with the sensor disconnected - any truth to this? I'm going to try it out tomorrow, but figured you guys would know if that was BS or not.

Anyone know where I could pick up a new sensor for a reasonable price? Looking to sell my car and would like to get this fixed beforehand, if I can afford it.

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