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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
There is a point there. I don't think my tune was ever spot on. Part of the problem is that BMW tuners are so far from me. Eurocharged is close but I'm not sure how much experience they have with the MS45. There is the problem. I'm always in search of a tuner.

There is a problem with the MS45. The IAT is built into the MAF where as the IAT is in the intake manifold in an MS43. Not an issue NA. Bolt on a supercharger and then the DME in an MS45 car sees the IATs at the MAF. In the twinscrew, the air goes through a hot twinscrew compressor. So that IAT reading is no longer accurate. So tuners pull timing and add fuel at the top...then you run into the issue in my original post. There was a theory you could rewire the heater lead in the MAF and locate an IAT in the manifold. Apparently the MS45 DME overlays fuel adaptations to the entire fuel map. So any adaptation at part throttle gets applied to full throttle and vice versa. All of this was discovery learning.

Yeah I could deal with that hot mess and dial the boost down a bit. Or I can get an E46 M3, spend less, drive more, fewer issues, throw in some 4.10 gears which cost about $2500 plus install and own twinscrew'd non-M's on the track all day long. Especially at the end of the day when they are all heatsoaked and slow...ripe for a blow up.

I can say that I've seen 3 other NA non-Ms lose engines at the track plus mine over the past 2 years. You have to consider that a non-M E46 is pretty rare to see at the track...that's a VERY high percentage. The M54 is a great motor on the street. Borderline crap for hard use.
The fact that ESS came out with a stage 3 for the ms43 and not the ms45 gives some credit to the idea that the ms45 ecu is harder to tune for. One thing that makes a tuner truly great, and the main reason why I chose ESS for my supercharger kit, is knowing when to say enough is enough. Reservation is something that your AA twinscrew kit did not have.

I also don't think your car was ever tuned correctly. I remember when I bought my car, I was jonesing for a supercharger. I looked around and AA was the first place I looked. At the time, ALL their kits were only for ms43 ecu. So disappointed, i started looking elsewhere. At the time, NOBODY had a kit that would work with the ms45 ecu. Then ESS released the twinscrew kits which included cars with ms45 ecu's. I was ecstatic that there was this awesome blower that actually worked on my ms45 ecu. Very soon thereafter, AA came out with their TS kit. I figured that they finally managed to "unlock" the ecu and figured it out. From my experience since then, what I infer from the timing of all that is that they wanted to gather as much of that market share as possible and hurriedly put out a "better" kit that was "more powerful" and "better than the competition" but really had poor tuning and just more boost without much durability testing to make sure the ecu and engine could handle it.

Also, IIRC, your issues started with an oil pump nut, not the kit. So we come to the chicken or the egg scenario. And you also stated that after your engine blew, you dealt with people who were apparently ignorant of the ms45. Not really the car's fault. All engines have flaws. I even believe the s54 had oil pump nut issues but I may be mistaken.

You make a blanket state that 330's in general are terrible for track but also state that ms43 ecu tuning is more or less acceptable and works principally. Once thing I didn't hear you mention when you brought up other 330's with blown engines at the track is whether there were ms43 or ms45.

You also say that for cheaper, you could buy an M3, throw some gears in it and be faster and more reliable. Once thing that you don't take into account is that M3's command quite a significant price premium over their non-M counterparts. When I was shopping for my BMW, M3's were $10,000 more expensive than a non-M. I don't know if that premium still exist this late in its life cycle, but it did exist for more than 5 years.

And I've never had an e46 M3 pass me with my current setup. Straight or on a curve. There was an awesome e90 M3 with an ESS kit that blew the doors off of me! It was a VT-2 kit. Dont recall the power level though but it was awesome.

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