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Guys, keep in mind my car was babied and a very clean and well kept up car with absol. no dents and interior blemishes when I got it @ 115k and driven smartly, but harder than its previous owners I am sure for 25k by me the past year.

So, point is i made it to 140k on a easy driven e46. Don't take bets with a car that looks like its in worse shape. For the record my girl just sold her e46 @ 130k three days ago, and its been beaten to **** and up until 2000 miles ago had orignal fuel filter, and she still was on the OE pump. Hers was a 02/02 build mine is a 03/03 build and has had regular filter changes its whole existence. Mine dies @ 10k more miles then her beaten e46 who has, I am sure, been ran around when low on gas consistently more than mine !

Go figure.

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