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Originally Posted by Act of God View Post
Exactly, you made a sacrifice. No need to support those not willing to do the same because it was more fun hanging out hoping their band got signed
No need not to support them either.

But, that was not the point. The point was that the value of people's "americaness" is not a graph based on how much one earns. There is dignity to be found in work all along the wage scale.

We have set up a society were anything less than "the big house on the hill over looking the stewage below" is failure. That is balderdash. It is this mentality that creates a huge social divide and fuels "class warfare".

I didn't make a sacrifice, I made a choice. I never said it was the right choice. In some ways it was, in others it was not. That is the point. If somebody makes the choice to go out and make a big chunk of cash, great. More power to them. They know that part of that choice, if they succeed will be a higher tax bracket. It is a repercussion of the choice they make.
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