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With as many LE accounts as Glock, S&W and Sig have, I don't have a lot of faith in them adhering to this.

With as high of taxes as NY has, you'd have thought that Remington would have moved out of Ilion many years ago, but they did not. Now with the ban, they still haven't made one mention of budging. Remington has so many GOV and MIL contracts that they would not be inclined to make any changes since they'll likely always be mostly exempt.

Realistically, if Glock, S&W and Remington were to come out and support this measure, it would cripple the nation and people would start paying attention. If anyone did it, S&W would be the ones to do it. The problem is that S&W has been selling guns to cops for longer than any other company except maybe Colt.
Companies like Magpul and LaRue can survive without LE sales. Glock couldn't. S&W is debatable and could go either way.
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