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Originally Posted by 2002topasblueM3 View Post
Jhaurimn yes Im not disagreeing with the fact that they're good in snow. I specifically said bmws are good in the snow. But like I said that doesn't mean an m3 should be driven in the snow that's not what they're meant for. Why do you think a majority of m3s going up for resale say "never seen snow"? You don't exactly want to put an m3 in the snow because it can wear parts faster and increase chances of rust. If you want to drive your m3 in snow then be my guest I'm not telling anyone not to and I'm not belittling the op for doing it. I was simply saying its not the best idea because of various reasons.
The funny thing is...I have my m3 stored away for winter :shifty:

But when they made the car it was tested in both warm and cold climate which makes the statement that it's not what it's meant for isn't entirely correct, but I guess they mostly are for nice dry days at tracks and whatnot. The days where it snows and they put salt out then it warms up and turns everything to slush is what sucks most about winter.

op, did it end up being a coil?
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