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Originally Posted by M3_POWER View Post
Appreciate it! What I underlined is what makes me hesitant. Then again, I suppose if SHTF, the ATF could disclose your info to the police (assumption).

Sorry for the ignorant question, but are you saying if you go with a trust you don't have to pay the NFA $200? From what I was reading, you get your trust and pay the NFA.

Also, would you have to go through the process all over if you wanted to add your next of kin in the trust? Or could you do some sort of modification?
He's saying the trust only cost about the same as a $200 tax stamp and its a one time fee.
There are addendums/easy amendments that can be made to the trust to add/remove trustees/next of kin etc
You still pay the same nfa tax stamp for every item.

It cuts about a 2 month wait off, in Md at least since that's what it averages for cleo sign offs. With a trust you don't have to pay for finger prints or photos or worry about getting those done.

I went the trust route for mainly the reasons Jeff wrote

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