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Originally Posted by M3_POWER View Post
Thanks Adam. I assume it's not legal to let other people handle or shoot your class III firearm, even when you're around. What is the general consensus on this matter?
It is perfectly legal to allow other people to handle or use your class III items as long as you are present (assuming individual ownership) or you as trustee or a co-trustee are present (assuming you are using a trust).

This is a far-fetched scenario, but possible....
You created a Trust and you are the sole trustee. You live with your (wife, roommate, partner, fill in the blank) who is not named as a co-trustee. You are cleaning your class III item, and you realize that you need to run to the store. You don't put it in the safe that only you as sole trustee of the trust have the combination to, but in your haste you leave it on the table. The ATF decides to knock on your door for an inspection while you are out of the house. Your (wife, roommate, partner, fill in the blank) are now in possession of a class III item outside of your presence.
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