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Originally Posted by Minnoe07 View Post
The fact that ESS came out with a stage 3 for the ms43 and not the ms45 gives some credit to the idea that the ms45 ecu is harder to tune for. Reservation is something that your AA twinscrew kit did not have.

I also don't think your car was ever tuned correctly.

From my experience since then, what I infer from the timing of all that is that they wanted to gather as much of that market share as possible and hurriedly put out a "better" kit that was "more powerful" and "better than the competition" but really had poor tuning and just more boost without much durability testing to make sure the ecu and engine could handle it.
I cut down your essay a bit...

Tuned correctly? I know my car was tuned to the extent that it would survive on the street for a long time.

I agree with everything you said about the market. I'm not going to get into specifics with certain companies, not the point here. Companies don't sell superchargers for charity, not everyone believes that.

Originally Posted by Minnoe07 View Post
You make a blanket state that 330's in general are terrible for track but also state that ms43 ecu tuning is more or less acceptable and works principally. Once thing I didn't hear you mention when you brought up other 330's with blown engines at the track is whether there were ms43 or ms45.
  1. One was a ZHP, lost a rod and had over 100k miles on it...IIRC it wasn't too much more than that.
  2. One was a facelifted sedan 330 that had a pool of oil underneath it. Didn't get the details.
  3. Then there was a gray 330 prefacelift coupe. I see the driver, don't ever see the car.
  4. The last non-M E46 that I see running is an instructor in a bare bones early 325 and he drives it about 1 session a weekend.
  5. Then there was mine which is retired.
I do see 6 E46 M3s (02, 03, 2x 04s, 2x 05s) all running in the advanced group with me for the last year plus three instructors (04, 05, not sure what the other is), plus one intermediate (05 salvage).
  1. One had an electrical issue, missed one day.
  2. One had an EML light come on, checked it out, cleared it, never came back.
  3. One had an SES light come on, exhaust cam sensor, checked, cleared, never an issue.
  4. Last weekend, another one (05 ZCP w/ salvage title) lunched a p/s pump.

So this is what I'm basing my data on...

Originally Posted by Minnoe07 View Post
YYou also say that for cheaper, you could buy an M3, throw some gears in it and be faster and more reliable. Once thing that you don't take into account is that M3's command quite a significant price premium over their non-M counterparts. When I was shopping for my BMW, M3's were $10,000 more expensive than a non-M. I don't know if that premium still exist this late in its life cycle, but it did exist for more than 5 years.

And I've never had an e46 M3 pass me with my current setup. Straight or on a curve. There was an awesome e90 M3 with an ESS kit that blew the doors off of me! It was a VT-2 kit. Dont recall the power level though but it was awesome.
Please read my original post carefully. I will admit and take responsibility for not being well informed throughout the process...which is the whole point to this thread.

One thing I have learned on the track is the horsepower is FAR overrated. Driver skill and grip are the 2 factors which determine who's faster for a lap, who has more fun, and who leaves the track at the end of the day without whiplash. So when you look at a 330 as a track platform, it falls FAR short and is more expensive to build into a capable and somewhat competitive car to run at advanced DEs and Time Trials. One example is the diff. Need a diff...used LSD? Good luck. Tires? Miight be able to squeeze 265s square...but one makes a 265 R-Comp and not too many summer tires in that size. If you look closely, M3 suspension options cost the same as a non-M (same stuff except for the front strut mount). Repair parts are not that much more. I haven't even discussed the engine bay yet.

That was the point of the NA M3 vs the FI'd 330 discussion. Not sure if I was clear about that.

BTW, I bought my 2004 M3, 99.2k miles on the odometer, cold weather pkg, 19's. Had a non-M mirror, front seal on diff is leaking (just damp on the outside), a/b pillar is leaking, front bumper could be replaced, missing R/F fender liner, hood cowl looks bad, rear window seal needs to be replaced, paint is OK, 4 very minor dings, shifter knob and steering wheel is meh, and needs brakes.

FOR a track car, it works because I only care about the steering wheel, shifter, fender line, and bumper. All of which is easy and can be done cheaply.

I paid $13,500 to include taxes, tags, and licensing. Did I mention that its Imola Red with an Imola Red interior...WITH a 6 speed MANUAL transmission?

Or I can spend $10k-12k on a ZHP.
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