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Originally Posted by bimmerfan08 View Post
Paying more taxes is not the issue I have although it can be argued vice versa depending on your stance. It's about closing the gap in pay differences among professions as it appeared you were eluding to. Who's to say your "morals" are right? About having to pay more for the lesser in our society? For someone with no "morals", you sure do stand up for the little guy a lot.
I was not saying that anything about the pay gap was at issue.

My "morals" are non-existent so they are neither right or wrong.

"Standing up for the little guy" has nothing to do with morality (at least in my case) It is pragmatism, pure and simple. If the "little guy" is trodden under foot, be it socially, economically, and/or politically we will eventually revert to serfdom and likely monarchy, where the people lose their control over the government. We have already slid that way. Many people have given up control over the govt and they desire a monarch. Look at the Paulites in the last election and the Obamaites the election before. Many believed a POTUS could come in and magically fix things, when the POTUS doesn't have that power. The POTUS doesn't have the power to balance the budget or curb spending. Congress does. And how many incumbents won re-election? 90%. Look at all the people who supported the Patriot Act. So quick to give up freedom in the name of "safety". We still have a chance of turning things around. You take away the "little guy" and revert to serfdom, we have no chance.

I have seen this before in the UK in the 70's. I understand the political influence of the punk movement in the UK in the 70s. When you have a generation stand up and say "Yeah, we are on the dole, and we know we have no future, so all of you look around. This is what you are gonna get" Scared the living $h!t out of politicians, the upper class, and the middle class. And things changed. When you have Johnnie Rotten and Sid Vicious standing on a stage gooing "We're the future, your future." The people have a tendency to p!$$ themselves, then figure out a way to make sure that doesn't happen.
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