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Please god, don't let highboostin330 and Minnoe07 respond...I'm tired of typing.

Originally Posted by lab rat View Post
A lot of good info here. And great civilized argument about M54 vs S54.
Thanks for sharing your experiences.
The only misleading part from bigjae could be the way he describes the failures. It was the lubrication system that killed both engines not the FI. But I understand the issues with FI MS54.
So don't get me wrong I actually agree with bigjae that S54 is better racing platform. Heck, BMW didn't design it that way. Also from my own experience I see the M54 better street car (the powerband of supercharged 330 is way more street friendly)
Yes, the failure was the oil pump nut and FI and my failure have a link. The oil pump nut comes off because of the harmonics associated with the M54. Then those harmonics are increased exponentially with forced induction. So more bad harmonics, oil pump nut comes off faster.

Highboostin did what I was going to do and should have done last year. You can make the M54 a good FI platform as far as hardware doubt about that. The ECU is a limitation, my opinion and that is debatable. Given my location in TX, that's a fact. Might be different if you live near AA or ESS. If you look at the original post, I would be $10,500 into this car. Then add in the oil cooler and some other stuff, $12,500.

Can I make the 330 a reliable, long lasting track platform under boost? No doubt. From a cost perspective, I do not want to do that. Key word...want.

Purely a cost decision which is why it was so difficult and took me so long to get to.
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