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Another interesting day. This morning, loaded up car with CAs/CABs/ axle get them on.

Drive a neighbor down town and start notice a horrible front end bad I pulled over to look for a flat tire...tightened all the wheels...inspected stuff.

Well...turns out my CAs were fine (after at least 100K miles, but I think they were much date stamp that I saw. But, my lemforder cabs...about 2 years old...were totally shot.

Discovered my strut was's only a few years old I think...but I'll check on the install date later. Anyway....a blown shock combined with really bad cabs lead to this shimmy.

Got the Lemforders with Meyles HDs...and on city streets and highway for a short bit, my shimmy is much reduced (still need struts), and I like the Meyles just fine...they're not nearly as much harder as I thought...hardly noticeable really.

I'll get the axle hubs installed with struts.

I have sachs now...that's OE...and what's in the I think I'm going Sachs again...maybe boge...went through the whole discussion here before...and this is one area I know I'll stay OE...sorry, no coilovers or rake for me!

Thanks for all your advice here...Meyle HD Cabs and Lemforders should last a while. Tightening that rt. inner nut is a pitb...just very slow one crank at a time. (Was working on a we did it from below.)

Thanks again, guys!

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