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Originally Posted by Species0113 View Post
Are there any guides or instructions for the BMW scanner 1.4.0? Or does it come with some sort of instructions? Also, will my Shark tune conflict with the BMW scanner 1.4.0 rewrite? I'm not sure what all info the Shark saves or rewrites but I'm not trying to buy another one. Finally got a complete oem xenon setup w/ A/E's pieced together. Just trying to decide on the BMW scanner vs. the dealer flash. Thanx in advance
It would be easier to answer if you can clarify what it is that you want to do.

If all you are doing is changing headlights from halogen to Xenon, it would be very easy to just check xenon for your lighting control and re-program your car with the BMW scanner 1.40.

If you want to re-program your engine tune that will be a little more complicated. You would have to save your current setup so you can restore it. You would re-program your engine control with whatever new tune you wanted. If it does not work, then restore your old setup.
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