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IMG in the regional 'shops' thread. In Union, NJ, 1449 Stuyvesant. 908 688 8118

Ask for Sal and tell him Doug sent you.

Also, if either of you guys writes what work you need done, you might do some searching. There are a lot of things you can do much more easily than you'd think. $100 of tools gets you thousands of dollars in savings over the years. Yet, there are things I probably could figure out, but I don't want to experiment with first time on my car...and other things, just a pitb to do.

Finally, let me say that knowing about your car and its known issues can help you and your mechanic more effectively diagnose things. The better you are at observing and reporting...and searching here...the more likely you'll get good results with more mechs/shops.

Being a mechanic isn't easy at all. It is for the putting parts in part, but not for the 'what part to put in.' There are many issues that are not straightforward...even with codes. Having a relationship with a shop...having them do some stuff like an oil change, even when you could do it yourself...can help you a lot too. Show trust and you'll get trust back.

Also, listen to them. Mechanics often know more about cars than we do! If you go in asking for a price on "X," expect that many shops will give you a price and do the job...even if it's not what you need. Instead, say "I have symptom "X" and am wondering what you think?"

Same thing here...better to solve problems by describing symptoms, rather than writing "I think my CAB is bad."

Okay /rambling mode!

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